10 Comics That Illustrate How Childhood Today Is So Different Than In The Past


Everyone knows that it’s much different being a kid today than it was back in the 1980s or ’90s (or earlier). Some of the changes are for the better, but others definitely feel sad. Like we’ve lost something. Like our kids are missing out on things.

Those are bigger questions for another day and article (or series of articles) but for now, these 10 comics do a great job of putting into pictures what it feels like to watch our kids grow up so much differently than we did.

#10. Okay, this might be equally as frustrating

#9. One is not cooler than the other

#8. Which is safer? Hard to say.

#7. This makes me feel sad inside

#6. Take away what they care about…

#5. The world still needs astronauts…

#4. *retch*

#3. Our jobs have changed. But the description hasn’t.

#2. You have to get to them early if you want to be the first one

#1. We can take comfort in the fact that some things, though, never change

h/t: Brightside Me