10 Of The Funniest Dad Tweets From Last Week

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Dads are funny. That’s just science. Which is why it’s best for all of us to keep up with their funniest tweets on a weekly basis.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to get behind.

10. That’s a little dark

Photo Credit: Twitter,Cheeseboy22

9. Games are the best distractions. That goes double for hunting games.

8. When your kid curses but you can’t even get mad

7. That way they can support you?

Photo Credit: Twitter,SheaSerrano

6. Fair enough

Photo Credit: Twitter,DaddyJew

5. You must be doing something right

Photo Credit: Twitter,Dadpression

4. Your mother would be ashamed

3. Who doesn’t hate that?

Photo Credit: Twitter,R_A_Dadass

2. Tit for tat and all of that

Photo Credit: Twitter,DadandBuried

1. Classic

h/t: Fatherly