10 Kids Whose Lives Took Hilarious Wrong Turns



We all make decisions that we regret sometimes. Luckily, when we’re kids, it’s easy enough to move on…and to laugh about it as well.

#10. I mean, she did name them

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#9. When you lose track of your lollipop, just for a second

Photo Credit: Instagram,linzegirl

#8. He’s going to regret that attempt at being clever, I’m guessing

Photo Credit: Twitter,Brittanyr7513

#7. This kid believed the lies about going to school until the last minute

Photo Credit: Twitter,meriah_j

#6. I bet you’ll remember to add water next time

Photo Credit: Instagram,curv12345

#5. She regrets having parents who forgot the swim diapers

#4. When your sister doesn’t understand aerodynamics or wind or stuff

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#3. What do you mean, I have to clean this up?

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#2. This little sister is going to regret asking to sleep in big sister’s room

Photo Credit: Twitter,clarizzle_

#1. Not the best hiding place in the world, kiddo

Photo Credit: Acidcow

h/t: Buzzfeed