10 Photos That Illustrate The Undeniable Differences Between Mom And Dad

Image Credit: Pixabay


Everyone parents differently – that’s a given. What’s also a given is that you’re going to recognize the truth in every single one of these pictures that shows off the ways that moms and dads just have their own, separate way of doing things.

Hey, if it gets done, pick your battles. That’s my motto…most days.

10. The packing ordeal

Photo Credit: Reddit,lokkimughal

To be fair, it’s because dad is packing for himself and mom is packing for literally everyone else.

9. How they do quality time

Photo Credit: Viral Selection

Mom’s way might be more quality, but I’m betting dad’s is more memorable.

8. Meals

Photo Credit: Just Something

I’ve actually had to explain “well-balanced meal” to my husband.

7. How we “treasure” the infant period

Photo Credit: EMGN

Both are valid.

6. Giving kids what they ask for

Photo Credit: Reddit,5ubie

Mom will feed you even if you don’t care what’s for dinner. Dad…may not.

5. The fact that our kids know where to go for actual help

Photo Credit: Reddit,addicted2sleep

What if I told you that your father also knows how to get you a drink?

4. Posing for cute pictures

A professional photographer dad is not.

3. Napping – Moms barely sleep as they worry about the kiddo. Dad crashes and figures the drop to the floor isn’t too far.

Photo Credit: Viral Selection

I mean, they’ll be fine.

2. Pranks

Photo Credit: Reddit,Fanie1157

First off, mom teaches with hugs and words of wisdom. Second, mom wouldn’t let you have juice cocktail OR Fanta.

1. Bathtime looks…different

Photo Credit: Reddit,diloshtanza

Mom gets you clean. Dad gets you messy and then rinses you off with the hose.

h/t: Diply