10 Reasons Why Being A 1980s Baby Was The Absolute Best



It’s now been well-established that people born between 1977-1982 are a special breed. A microgeneration called the Xennials (I prefer Oregon Trail generation or WB generation but whatevs), we were the last kids to grow up without using daily technology and the first adults to enter the world with it. We straddle the old ways and the new, and yeah, we tend to wax nostalgic about our childhoods.

Join me.

#10. “Junk” food wasn’t a thing

Photo Credit: Delish

If we would eat it, our parents didn’t think twice about buying it. Hello HoHos, Apple Jacks, and those popsicles that came as liquid sugar in a plastic sleeve.

#9. We hung out at the roller skating rink

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Kids still do this in places like the Midwest, where time moves slower,  but only for official skating parties while your parents sit in the lounge and watch you try to hold hands with your crush. Lame.

#8. There were no reality shows

Photo Credit: WarnerBros.

Sure, I get hooked into those no good, awful, terrible excuses for television like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Back in the day, we had only quality programming with proper lessons at the end!

#7. The toys were way cooler

Photo Credit: YouTube

You know it’s true. And they were built to take a beating.

#6. Programs like Book-It and cool stuff like Trapper Keepers kept school interesting

Photo Credit: Cult of Mac

I could go for one of those personal pan pizzas right about now…

#5. Cartoons were only for Saturday mornings

Photo Credit: Like Totally 80s

And were therefore a special ritual instead of a ho-hum work week occurrence.

#4. Our fashion was unique

Photo Credit: Damernasvarld

Okay, and sometimes awful, but at least it was age-appropriate.

#3. We actually talked on the phone

Photo Credit: Rebrn

A friend or a crush, you’d have to actually pick up a phone and dial them to see what was up, how they were doing, or if they liked you. Sure, it seems terrifying now, but until you’ve walked the gauntlet, you haven’t lived.

#2. We could leave the house alone

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

There was no such term as “free-range parenting” because it was just called parenting. Leave after breakfast, come back for lunch (or call if you’re going to a friend’s house) and then in for a bath when the streetlights came on.

#1. Drug-store makeup was all the rage

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

It was cheap enough to fill up our caboodles and temporary enough (stick on nails!) that our parents didn’t think too much of it. Anyone still have a bottle of Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth?”

h/t: ScaryMommy