11 Kids Who Are Really Bad At Hide-And-Seek

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Hide-and-Seek might seem like an easy game, but if you’re still learning about the sizes of things and field of vision, well…it can be more challenging than you think.

Take a look.

11. I would scream if I walked into a room and saw this

10. So close…

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9. Sometimes you think you’re skinnier than you are. I can relate, kid.

Photo Credit: Instagram,mizzmalibu

8. If you can’t see me…

7. The baby doll is a red herring, clearly

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6. Do you think they worked it out ahead of time?

5. When everyone steals your idea

4. When you just forget one small detail…

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 3. This just made me LOL

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2. Looks like when my husband makes the bed

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1. I’m not sure she even tried

h/t: Buzzfeed