12 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous Celebs

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It’s pretty funny when celebrities look exactly like their body doubles, or your roommate, or even animals. But I would submit that there’s not much better than these 12 babies who are dead ringers for big-time celebrities.

12. There’s only one Prince George. Or is there…?

Photo Credit: Reddit,TheGGongShow

11. Gordon Ramsay

Photo Credit: Twitter,Claire8ball

10. This Wallace Shawn baby is uncanny

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. This might be Ed Sheeran as a baby

Photo Credit: Twitter,1TD

Photo Credit: Facebook

8. Eric Stonestreet needs to meet this kid

Photo Credit: Twitter,mckellm8

7. No baby should look like Mrs. Doubtfire. And yet…

Photo Credit: Imgur

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

6. Kirsten Dunst right down to the teeth

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

5. I think it’s mostly the hair

Photo Credit: Reddit,pangitlee

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

4. I think it’s the chins

Photo Credit: Facebook,Mommy Shorts

3. Are we sure this isn’t just John Legend’s baby?

Photo Credit: Twitter,rahelllaa

Photo Credit: Facebook,John Legend

2. This Shirley Temple is almost as adorable as the original

Photo Credit: Facebook,Mommy Shorts

1. Face Swap?

Photo Credit: Imgur

Photo Credit: TMZ

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