12 Crazy Adorable Notes That Could Only Have Been Penned By Kids


In the day-to-day trenches, raising small kids can seem like a mixed bag of sweetness, grubby hands, total home destruction, and the best cuddles on the planet. When you take a step back and look at the whole picture (or you’re forced to after your littles are big and gone), there’s no denying that there’s something special about the sweet innocence of a child’s mind – which is exactly what’s on display in these 12 adorable notes.

12. Violent, but still arguably adorable

11. This kid clearly understands what’s important in life

10. She’s not wrong

9. I love that they tried to make small talk first. Ha!

8. As a parent, I gotta say… some days this would seem like a pretty sweet deal

7. I feel like my husband has used this exact same excuse

6. File Under: Notes Only A Mom Gets

Photo Credit: Instagram,icanewme

5. Oops

4. Someone has a flair for the dramatic…

3. I could not love this more

2. It’s as good a theory as any

1. A love note to a future spouse?

h/t: Buzzfeed