12 Photos And Memes Of Dads Who Are Struggling With Parenthood



Parenthood is a carnival ride, my friends. Depending on the day, you’ll take a spin on everything from the tilt-a-whirl to the not-so-funhouse – and the worst moments are the ones that hit you right in the ego. You think you’ve got this, that nothing can surprise you, and then….kids.


These 12 dads just got their butts kicked by parenthood, and since (this time) it’s not you, you should go ahead and laugh.

#12. That is a LOT of spit up.

#11. That cannot be comfortable.

#10. Just let it happen.

#9. That is…not an auspicious start.

#8. Who among us has not had a similar moment?

#7. I mean, what are you gonna do?

#6. Did they pee their pants or did you? What a fun game!

#5. Why does IKEA make it so comfortable in there though?

#4. I’ve been too tired to care.

#3. I’m sure no one noticed.

#2. May you always be so good at loosening her up.

#1. He looks like he gouged someone’s eyes out. Ha!

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The nice thing about parenting is that there’s always tomorrow!