12 Pictures That Prove ‘Mom Brain’ Is Real



Anyone who hasn’t gestated a human and then raised that human through their 2s and 3s (and beyond) might try to claim that “mom brain” isn’t a real thing. We moms know differently (our brains physically change, after all), but if you’re still on the fence, these 12 pictures will definitely change your mind.

#12. No point in wasting it.

#11. I’ve forgotten so much food in the microwave.

#10. Lost coffee? Tragic.

#9. I have done this.

#8. You just can’t get it right.

#7. No kid is eating that.

#6. At least it has a lid.

#5. It’s strangely dark out here…

#4. Half better than I usually manage.

#3. Technically, it’s where it belongs.

#2. Any mom who says she hasn’t done this is lying.

#1. I’m sure no one noticed.

I’m laughing with you, not at you. For sure.