12 Teenagers Who Wore Their Mother’s Vintage Prom Dresses and Killed It


So I know wedding dresses get all of the attention when it comes to re-wearing. There’s something romantic about a girl choosing to walk down the aisle in the same dress her mother wore when marrying her father (presumably, the marriage worked out). But hey, wedding dresses that have hung in the closet for years shouldn’t get to have all the fun.

That’s why enterprising teens with great eyes for fashion are yanking out their moms’ prom dresses from the ’80s and ’90s and giving them new life and new funk today. And after you flip through these 12 awesome examples, you’re totally going to want to rifle through your own mom’s things in search of a gem.

12. I think I’m most impressed by how far cameras have come

Photo Credit: Twitter,BarbAlynWoods

11. Little black dress ftw!

Photo Credit: Twitter,jaydamh

10. Who says the ’80s are dead?

Photo Credit: Instagram,cicelylp

9. Gorgeous dresses stand the test of time

Photo Credit: Twitter,megan_vo_

8. This is adorable!

7. This is so super cool. And a gorgeous gown.

Photo Credit: Facebook,Bev Tippett

6. When your daughter wears it better than you did…you’re super proud, I’m guessing

5. Clever girl

Photo Credit: Imgur

4. The daughter comes by her sauciness naturally, for sure

3. Mama/Daughter twins. Whoa!

Photo Credit: Twitter,BissyBun

2. Major heart eyes

1. Because classic black never goes out of style

Photo Credit: Imgur

h/t: Bored Panda