12 Tweets That Prove Kids Are Way Smarter Than Adults

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Anyone who has kids can tell you that they’re far smarter than some people give them credit for. Part of it is the way they see the world without any preconceived notions, or the decades of attempts and failures to look back upon, or that they have no expectations about how things should be.

I mean, they also eat poop, get stuck under dining room chairs (repeatedly), and play in the toilet, so there is something to be said for experience. But when it comes to naked observations and telling it like it is, look no further than the nearest knee-high human to get it right.

12. When you never knew a kid could make you so proud…

Photo Credit: Twitter,Mr_Kapowski

11. Logic or smartassery? Time will tell.

Photo Credit: Twitter,CFudgemuffin

10. It takes brainpower to deal with pushy sibs

Photo Credit: Twitter,Six_Pack_Mom

9. This kid is going to have a super successful marriage one day

8. It holds all of the important things

7. When they’re having none of it, but you plow ahead anyway

6. There’s no doubt they know how to get what they want…fast

5. Wise little child

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4. Back away slowly

Photo Credit: Twitter,FeralCrone

3. Your little future CIA interrogator

2. “I know.” HAHAHA, ouch.

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1. Don’t be afraid to throw around the word ‘premeditation…’

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