In this day and age, one of the best things about being a parent is how quickly we can share hilarious stories and/or commiserate with other parents about the crazy things our kids do every day. That goes double for Twitter, where short, sharp wit is especially appreciated.

These 15 parents have it down, and bonus – their kids are giving them great material.

15. Yes, I was led to believe there would be less bodily fluids involved…

Photo Credit: Twitter,MamaFizzles

14. File Under: Things No One Tells You Until It’s Too Late

Photo Credit: Twitter,PetrickSara

13. To be fair…that’s exactly what they look like

Photo Credit: Twitter,Six_Pack_Mom

12. Whoever thought those things were a good idea should face serious consequences

Photo Credit: Twitter,tinyandtired

11. In a nutshell

Photo Credit: Twitter,Discourt

10. I mean, just getting to have hot coffee has to be considered a win

Photo Credit: Twitter,momTruthBomb

9. And that is how you end up eating pre-chewed food, my friends

8. Let us hope you are well stocked

Photo Credit: Twitter,simoncholland

7. All parents are basically qualified hostage negotiators

6. Don’t forget to grab the dog!

Photo Credit: Twitter,themessednest

5. The hardest part about parenting is arguing when you kind of agree with the kid

Photo Credit: Twitter,21stcenturysahm

4. Don’t give the devil any ideas

3. This is why warnings are overrated

Photo Credit: Twitter,copymama

2. A pace which was surely somewhere between turtle and snail to begin with

1. What’s a little extra cheese between friends?

h/t: Huffington Post