15 Dads Who Learned You Don’t Mess With Your Pregnant Wife


If you are the partner of a pregnant person, your job is to be the ultimate supporter. But that doesn’t mean you need to lose your sense of humor. Here are 15 Dads-to-be who found the funny side of getting pregnant.

1. Indoor sweater weather.

2. He always wanted to see his name in lights.

3. I got whiplash just reading this.


4. Mixed blessing.

5. Sometimes you just need to be heard.

I think he’s on to me. #pregnanttexts #instagrampostsmakemehungry #hedidthistome @zachlavalley

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6. Morning breath and morning sickness do NOT mix.

7. Always good to cover your bases.

8. Fair warning.


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9. Still needs to check in with his parole officer, though.

10. The Donut Nibbler is one of the lesser-known Batman villains.

The doughnut nibbler strikes again! #pregnantwifeproblems

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11. Might be time to start making your own lunches, pal.

12. Nap time IS quality time.

“Let’s watch football and eat nachos together all day!”……not. #pregnantwifeproblems

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13. Good to know your place in the pecking order.


14. The coverup is worse than the crime.

She’s threatening me with a divorce over fast food. #pregnantwifeproblems #yourloss #bigmacaddict

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15. You know that saying, “Don’t get between a mama bear and her cubs?” It also works for pregnant ladies and Neapolitan.


h/t: Buzzfeed