You know what I mean, right? Those things that moms do that should surprise us but totally don’t, because…moms. Now that I am a mom, I can vouch for the fact that, from pregnancy on, kids just tweak us a bit. In the body, in the head, in the heart…and it’s pretty much impossible to come out the other side the same person who went in.

So, embrace it. Or, like we’re doing in this post, celebrate motherhood in all of its mom-ness.

15. When you hear your mom talking to someone outside and peek to see who’s there…

Photo Credit: Reddit,endlessamy

14. When mom makes you a “heart-shaped” bookmark…

Photo Credit: Reddit,JMGeezy

13. This Jewish mother gave the greatest housewarming gift of all time

Photo Credit: Reddit,RestSnorLax

12. When mom’s camera roll is regal AF

Photo Credit: Reddit,edmcnulty

11. When mom gets a new oven – WITH A MF-ING WINDOW

Photo Credit: Reddit,SPITFIYAH

10. Friendly household spiders need Christmas trees, too

Photo Credit: Reddit,Greasewizardz

9. Gotta find a place for everything!

Photo Credit: Reddit,petitbleuchien

8. Mom version of a screen shot. Laughing forever.

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. Mom kept trying to “click play” on this pizza image *snort*

Photo Credit: Reddit/ananymously

6. If moms know anything, it’s that Snapchat is for cats

Photo Credit: Reddit,TheonGreyboat

5. This mom thought Chewie was a gingerbread man for YEARS

4. No one keeps you clean and hair-free like mom

Photoh Credit: Reddit,iJohnnyo

3. Classic mom

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

2. Awesome back-to-school gifts for your college-aged kids, right?

Photo Credit: Reddit,Doritohanglide

1. When Mom prints a photo from Facebook, complete with comments

Photo Credit: Reddit,olalof

h/t: Bored Panda