15 Honest Drawings That Depict What It’s Like To Have Kids

Image Credit: Nathalie Jomard


Raising kids is a beautiful, complicated, soul-wrenching, heart-warming, horror show of humanity. And somehow, this series of comics from artist and mom Nathalie Jomard manages to capture all of it. I’ve picked 15 of my favorites, but make sure to jump over to her Instagram page or her website and check out the rest when you have time – totally worth it!

15. Working while exhausted is a new kind of challenge

14. The “lazy man’s load” is a way of life

13. When your kids don’t get the value of things…

12. …or that mommy can feel actual pain

11. Sleep-deprived is the look of your 30s…and 40s

10. When you still think books might have all of the answers

9. And you find food in places you never knew existed

8. At, some point every parent realizes there is no point in buying actual toys

7. Some days you just have to pretend you’re fooling your husband into thinking you’ve got it together

6. Wut iz sex?

5. The frustration of nothing fitting the way it used to

4. …and don’t even get us started on swimsuits

Photo Credit: Nathalie Jomard

3. Potty training is not for the weak…or the weak-stomached

2. It’s funny when you have to pretend to love broccoli, right?

1. There is literally no way to prepare for breastfeeding

h/t: Bored Panda