15 Kids Who Inherited Pretty Amazing Traits From Their Parents

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We all enjoy looking at our little ones and seeing our eyes or our partner’s nose. We might enjoy it less so when they’re teens exhibiting our sass or our husband’s problem with authority, but still, there’s something amazing about the visual, daily confirmation that the two of you came together to create something pretty amazing.

That goes double for these 15 sets of parents, who have no doubt that their unique DNA lives on in another generation.

15. Sweet little copycat

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14. Same hair, same smile, same chin #littleclone

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13. Definitely a rare trait inherited!

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12. This is too funny

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11. Dad and daughter…

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10. Literal twins

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9. Holy crap, those eyes!

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8. Eyes and beards and style for dayz

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7. Even the Canadian Prime Minister can’t deny his roots!

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6. This is breathtaking!

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5. It must be a relief as a child who is different to have a parent who understands

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4. Looks AND talent (presumably)

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3. At least generation 2 learned the lesson about smoking!

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2. A thumb from each parent…

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1. It starts young…

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