15 Parenting Tweets From 2017 That Are Just Too Real

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Despite all the good times and inherent rewards, parenting is a rough gig. That’s why we all need to be able to look around at the people in the trenches with us and laugh, point, fist-bump, or otherwise say, “yeah, we totally got this.”

15. When your parents call you out by putting your mugshot on their Christmas card

14. I just spit

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13. I heart this dad

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12. This is the daddiest dad thing I have ever seen

11. That moment when you feel guilty, but also your mom’s text is hilarious

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10. Kind of jealous I didn’t think of this first

9. Nailed it

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8. Sick burn, mom

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7. Parenting goals

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6. When you realize you come by your drama queen tendencies honestly

5. *tears*

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4. I am dead

3. OMG

2. The teachers had to love that

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1. This is so adorable

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