15 Parents Share Hilarious Before and After Photos of Parenthood



Parenthood changes you. There’s no denying it, so the best thing to do is find a way to laugh about the myriad ways your life has changed since you popped out a kid or three.

Like these 15 parents, who captured the reality in two photos and shared them with Mike Julianelle, the owner of a blog called Dad and Buried.

#15. Real life

#14. Talk about a 180

#13. I hope you enjoyed your food

#12. The ladies still love ya

#11. More coffee, plz. And also more wine.

#10. Even the dog’s life has changed

#9. Bye-bye, sparkly heels

#8. Still rockin’

#7. The wine stays the same

#6. Still a strong mama!

#5. You never knew you looked so good in bows

#4. So much for relaxing

#3. That’s what showers are for!

Photo Credit: Instagram

#2. You look more tired, for sure

#1. Even cuter jailbirds now!

h/t: Bored Panda