These 15 Parents Totally Understand Your Toddler Mealtime Struggles

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Anyone who has ever parented a young child knows the trials, triumphs, and frustrations of mealtime. They love something one day and hate it the next. They scarf down pancakes in the morning and refuse to even touch them at dinner. Heck, sometimes the love/hate spiral happens between the time they ask for food and when you put it on their tray!

Which is to say, we get it. These 15 posts will make you laugh – and perhaps more importantly, let you know that you’re not alone in the trenches.

15. Whatever works, amirite?

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14. Parenting is full of fine moments

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13. You know they have selective hearing!

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12. Gotta get your alone time somehow!

11. Not buying it, kid!

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10. Surprise!

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9. To be fair, “yucky” is a pretty subjective term

8. Only 56%?

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7. And tomorrow you get to do it all over again!

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6. Living the dream!

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5. Guess she learned some kind of lesson

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4. You can’t say you weren’t warned

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3. Annnnd, it’s over

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2. So basically all day except at mealtime? Got it.

1. It’s a shared power

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