15 People Recall the Terrible, Hilarious Moments They Realized They Were Officially Old



Maybe it was the day something happened to your back. You couldn’t move, couldn’t rock the baby to sleep, and you had zero idea of what you had done to make it happen.

Or was that just me?

Well, these 15 people have some similar moments, and they’ll do their part to make you feel just the slightest bit better about your own aging.

#15. I could not stop laughing.

“I found out about a rapper named lil windex and i could not stop laughing.”

#14. I don’t mind.

“I can’t name any actor on a recent show and I don’t know who most people are on TV or in music. I’m old,out of the loop but I don’t mind. The loop isn’t relevant to my interests anymore.”

#13. Not 10 years ago.

“1990 is NOT 10 years ago anymore.”

#12. Grunting.

“Grunting when picking up something. And the music is “just not as cool as before”. “

#11. I just coughed.

“Fucked around and coughed while on the toilet, somehow hurt my back and sprained my knee.”

#10. I am not ‘adult’ like that.

“When I realized that I have clear memories of moments I spent with my parents when they were younger than I am now. I remember how “adult” I perceived them and I don’t feel like I am “adult” like that at all.”

#9. Every morning after.

“Every morning after drinking.”

#8. I’m a ma’am now.

“That first time that first teenager called me “Ma’am” respectfully.

I’m a Ma’am now. I’m not a Miss anymore. sighs.”

#7. The tables have turned.

“You know how you might see an older person and not remember them and they say, “you don’t remember me? I remember you when you were this small”?

Well I realized I was old when the tables turned and I ended up being the older one remembering this now grown up as a kid.”

#6. Classic rock.

“When i heard Metallica on the classic rock station, also coming to the realization i have tattoos older than some of my co-workers.”

#5. Coupons in the mail.

“When I started to get excited about coupons I got in the mail…”

#4. A new vacuum.

“When I got really excited about buying a new vacuum. In my defense….that vacuum is f*cking dope!”

#3. “Old” Disney shows.

“When the kid I was tutoring referred to Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc., as “old Disney shows”. “

#2. They stopped asking for ID.

“When they stop asking for ID when you buy beer.”

#1. 10 years younger.

“When I realized that athletes in the NFL are 10 years younger than me. Plus they are already making millions…”

Getting old may be hell, but it does certainly beat the alternative!