15 Preschoolers Share What They Miss Most About Their Moms When They’re Away



These kiddos will melt you – and make you laugh – and most likely make you feel not so guilty for dropping them off at school. Because as usual, they’re probably just manipulating you, anyway.

#15. Kicking things off with a little emotional terrorism.

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“I miss you most at nap time for snuggles.” – Mason, 3

#14. This kid knows what’s important.

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“When you get me snacks. We have one snack at school, not all the snacks. But maybe you could pack me more snacks?” – Hunter, 4

#13. You’re not supposed to tell people your mom is a witch, Quinn.

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“I can’t answer that question. It would be too long, I just love you so much all day long. Poor mom is going to melt because it’s raining.” – Quinn, 3

#12. At least mom knows where she falls in the pecking order.

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“Mickey!” – Wyatt, 3

#11. See, they don’t just forget about you when you leave.

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“I still love you!” – Jacob, 4

#10. I mean, I’m pretty sure the teachers do that, too.

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“Playing and reading books with you.” – Jack, 4

#9. What was the question?

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“No.” – Sebastian, 4


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“I miss that she loves me! Cooking, hugging, snuggling… only that.” – Abel, 4

#7. To be fair, it is a chore.

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“I don’t know.”

Mom: “What do you like to do with me that you can’t do at school?”

“You wipe my butt and I have to wipe my butt at school.” – Emma, 3

#6. Dogs ARE life.

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“Milo.” – Dante, 3

#5. Such a cutie.

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“I miss you when I have to clean up.”

Mom: “When you have to clean up at school?”


Mom: “So you miss me when you’re doing something at school you wish I would do for you?”

“Yes.” – Gioia, 4

#4. Okay William, you never have to leave again.

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“I miss loving mommy and daddy. I just love you guys so much.” – William, 4

#3. Girlfriend is fine.

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“Nope! I didn’t!” – Matilda, 3

#2. Yes. Yes, she does.

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“When I was a little kid we used to go to Starbucks for cake pops but now I have to go to school and [mom] gets cake pops by [her]self.” – Lilah, 4

#1. It’s unclear whether this is a good or bad thing, though I know where I stand on it.

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“Big girls wear pants and shoes to school.” – Olive, 3

Kids, man.