15 Royal Baby Traditions You Probably Don’t Know Exist

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So, there’s a new royal baby in town! Now that Kate and William are home with their family of 5, and the youngest has a name (Prince Louis Arthur Charles ftw), we thought it might be fun to look into some lesser known traditions when it comes to royal-babying.


#15. Kate doesn’t choose her own clothes when she appears to introduce her children to the world

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They’re chosen carefully and with specific intention – her polka dot dress while holding George was meant to mirror Diana’s dress while announcing William.

#14. All royal babies have 3-4 first names

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Current children: George Alexander Lewis, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and Louis Arthur Charles.

#13. The Queen is one of the first people informed of the royal birth

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She’s also informed of the name before it is announced publicly.

#12. Royal children have their own pets

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Prince William had his own Shetland pony in 1986, though I doubt he mucked out its stall.

#11. The same christening gown has been used for all royal babies since 1841 – that’s 8 generations!

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All told, 62 royal babies have worn it for the event.

#10. Royal babies used to be born at Buckingham Palace

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Princess Diana was the first royal mum to give birth at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital.

#9. The birth announcement is on display on an easel outside Buckingham Palace

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It used to be handwritten but is now typed. People line up to see it in person.

#8. They do not require surnames

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Prince George attends school as George Cambridge.

#7. Breastfeeding is the norm

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At least it has been since Queen Victoria, who reportedly found the practice the “ruin” of intellectual and refined young ladies.

#6. They’re required to attend the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony

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Which makes sense, since it is the official celebration of their grandmother’s birthday.

#5. Royal children used to be homeschooled

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They generally now attend private schools outside the home.

#4. When the baby is born, there is a 62-gun salute from the Tower of London

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And a 41-gun salute from Green Park.

#3. Their births are announced by an official town crier

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

The practice began in medieval times when a large portion of the population could not read or write.

#2. Royal men take paternity leave

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William has for each of his children, though it is unpaid. I think he’ll manage!

#1. The gender is never revealed until after the birth

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Rumor has it that Kate and William choose not to know, as well.

h/t: Marie Claire