15 Songs We Had No Idea Were Dirty When We Sang Along as Kids



We knew all the lyrics, but we had no idea what they meant when we sang along at the top of our lungs. Bless our hearts, and bless our parents for not laughing out loud – because these 15 songs definitely were not for kids.

#15. Oh, sweet summer child.

#14. I mean…I liked sticks?

#13. Kind of intense

Photo Credit: Twitter

#12. Yes! That sounds fun!

#11. We all literally tried it.

#10. We had so much to learn, but we FELT it.

#9. I actually still don’t know what this means. Ha!

#8. But seriously, where were our parents?

#7. Our minds were going a mile a minute.

#6. I wouldn’t sing this around my mom now, tbh.

#5. Exploring emotions was a big thing.

#4. Sing it loud!

#3. We knew that one day we WOULD have husbands. So…

#2. Our imaginations were so good.

#1. I mean, that sh*t was catchy.

I kind of can’t wait until my own kiddos go through this phase. Sweet innocence!