15 Things That All Women Do – Yes, All of Them



What’s funny is you might not realize the woman next to you on the bus or in line at the DMV is also taking a mental inventory of her bag trying to figure out what she forgot at home, but these 15 tweets prove otherwise.

Just one more reason to fistbump your fellow ladies today.

#15. Guilty.

#14. It’s so not a game.

#13. You might be missing the one piece of garbage you need.

#12. Do they all spark joy though?

#11. Grab me at the right time.

#10. Boob time is a real thing.

#9. Not that there’s anything wrong with gnome school.

#8. Hard to believe, I know.

#7. Don’t act weird

#6. Crafts 4ever.

#5. Good luck out there.

#4. But seriously, all dresses should have pockets.

#3. It’s a start.

#2. Girl power.

#1. It’s something that can’t be taught.