15 Times Toddlers Hilariously Burned Their Parents



Toddlers are many things – and sure, sweet is one of them – but everyone knows they have a savage side. And that goes at least double for these 15 snarky tots!

Sit back and enjoy, and be glad you’re not the one biting your tongue to hold back a retort. This time.

#15. When you start thinking maybe she knows something you don’t…

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#14. They say the key to parenting is to not take things personally, but sometimes it’s hard

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#13. Promise?

#12. Santa would definitely have skipped our house that Christmas

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#11. Time to teach your kid what they say about opinions

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#10. Baha, just wait until the next time you ask me to do your hair, shorty

#9. That’s how you know it’s time to stop letting them in the bathroom with you

#8. Sometimes they’re just wrong

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#7. Mwahahaha

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#6. This is just funny

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#5. They just call ’em like they see ’em

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#4. Pretty sure all first-time parents have the same question. Ha!

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#3. When you end up a little afraid of your own kid…

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#2. Maybe YOU should get a better job

#1. Fair

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h/t: Twenty-Two Words