15 Wedding Disasters That Actually Made Them Better


If you’ve ever imagined your wedding, odds are you’ve also imagined all the ways your wedding can go wrong. Whether it’s your wedding dress catching fire, or your druncle making an impromptu toast, or your druncle caching fire, it seems like a miracle when a wedding goes RIGHT. Weddings truly are the stuff that stress dreams are made of.

But! When you look at actual wedding disasters, one thing quickly becomes clear: they’re not the end of the world. Pretty much every wedding has a fairly major mishap, and you know what? The couple still gets married, everyone still has a great time, and the day still goes down as one of the happiest in a couple’s life. And as for the mishap, odds are it made the wedding even better.

Here are 15 ways a wedding can go wrong. Or, looking at it another way, here are 15 weddings that were made immeasurably more fun thanks to a well-timed goof up.

1. The real reason wedding cakes are so big.

Photo Credit: Samantha Macabulos

2. How many bridesmaids does it take to help the bride pee? Two, apparently.

3. If you’re gonna steal your tux, at least remove the tag first.

4. Be aware of what your initials spell!

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Not everyone is excited for the garter removal. Like the daughter.

Photo Credit: Clifford Mitchell

6. Luckily no one was in the splash zone.

7. A swing set photo opp? What could go wrong!

Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography

8. Sometimes the wedding photographer takes a spill mid-photo.

9. If your photo opp includes weather effects, your kind of asking for it.

Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography

10. The same goes for small children.

11. Oh, you left this here for me? How nice of you!

12. Is a bridesmaid without a sewing kit really even a bridesmaid?

Photo Credit: Photo Pink

13. Pro tip: practice the bouquet toss beforehand.

14. Really dedicated wedding crashers always find a way in.

Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography

15. And finally, not all cake toppers will survive.


h/t: The Huffington Post