16 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Parenting


I know you see posts all the time about how to hack this or that, but what if you could hack one or two things in your day-to-day life as parents? I think you’d be interested, right? I would be.

Too bad I have no training/education/skills that would allow me to design anything that I might actually come up with. And neither do these 16 moms and dads.

16. Define bonding…

15. Isn’t this how everyone learned to swim?

14. Their faces are priceless

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13. Let her feed herself, they said

12. Nailed it

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11. Don’t be jealous

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10. If she’s not disturbing the other patrons, I’d call it a win

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9. Soccer isn’t for everyone

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8. The chair thing is funny, but what’s going on with his foot?

7. When Mom doesn’t realize Santa is taking a whizz until it’s too late

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6. Hey, I say give your kid what they want for Halloween

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5. One of the worst ways to begin a 9-hour flight, I’d wager

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4. Mom fail, Dad win

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3. Ummm…

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2. Improvisation at its finest

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1. No one was permanently damaged. So you can laugh.

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