17 Mother-Son Tattoos For Proud Mama’s Boys



Daddy-Daughter duos get a lot of the attention when it comes to adorable parent-child relationships (I think it’s the dances, right? And the dresses and corsages that go along with them?), but no one can deny that mothers and sons have special bonds of their own.

These pairs definitely aren’t denying it, and after you see the amazing matching tattoos they chose to celebrate their love for each other, you won’t be able to, either.

#17. More Than A Heart

The pattern is a fingerprint – and yours will always be pressed into each other’s hearts, I know.

#16. Sign Language Love

Every kid knows the silent way to say “I love you.”

#15. Mama Bear

This depiction of a mama bear and her cub is adorable, and the homage to the California state flag is stunning, right?

#14. Ohana

From Lilo & Stitch, remember? “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.”

#13. Fishy Friends

When you share a Zodiac sign, your tattoos seem easy to choose!

#12. Mama Bird

Photo Credit: Instagram,alexandra71

Mama will always be there to take care of you, little bird (but not to literally feed you).

#11. Light As A Feather

I love how they inverted the colors, too.

#10. Lord Of The Rings

Photo Credit: Instagram,unkleray

The family that nerds out together, stays together.

#9. Irish Roots

They run strong in this family!

#8. Mrs. Potts & Chip

This one wins most adorable and also the one that I want.

#7. Quotables

A reminder right on your arm is never a bad thing.

#6. Anchors

Because Mom will always be your tether to home.

#5. Infinity

A mother’s love is forever – and the arrows are a really neat touch.

#4. Stand By Me

This took some serious commitment but it’s beautiful.

#3. Toy Story Love

Photo Credit: Instagram,microz11

This homage to every little boy’s favorite movie doubles as a reminder that mom always be there for her boy. It’s my favorite of the bunch!

#2. More Mama Bears

Because they’re awesome.

#1. Harry Potter

Photo Credit: Instagram,chilarome

He brings generations together. <3

h/t: The Stir – Cafe Mom