17 Pics of Siblings Meeting for the First Time Will Make You Want to Have Another Kid Right Now



Every parent worries before having another kid how things will change and shift to make room for a whole other person in their lives and house. And while things can get dicey here and there, watching your kids interact sweetly (and even not) makes all of the trials and fretting worth it in the end.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 17 photos and see for yourself!

#17. So sweet.

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#siblingsmeeting #fabfour #mybabies #oldesttoyoungest

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#16. I see you.

#15. So many feelings.

#14. Perfection.

#13. Can I see?

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Another #homebirth shot because ❤😍❤. This is my favorite photo, maybe ever? It was taken about 2 hours after our daughter's arrival. I'm covered in the-#waterbirth-ick and I'm wearing a diaper but this was still one of the best moments of my life. Definitely top 5. (That's motherhood for you.) We thought our 2 year old was going to spend his first ever night away from home, but since the birth was so fast he was back home after just a few hours. One of the first things he said to his baby sister was "happy birthday to you." I mean…😍😭😍😭. Blows my mind how loving this new baby has made me love my first even more. Also it's #worldbreastfeedingweek and my kids are among the breastfeedingest I know so 🎉🎉 happy nursing/pumping/feeding your baby times to all y'all! 🎉🎉

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#12. Those smiles!

#11. She is so excited.

#10. Warming up.

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They call her Baby Tay 💕

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#9. A new family.

#8. Look, ma!

#7. Oh, my word, she has no idea what’s happened but she trusts you!

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5 years ago today I brought Lydia home from the hospital to meet Charlotte. They were 10 months apart. Charlotte just a baby her self. Neither had teeth, both still needed milk, neither slept through the night, neither could walk, but they didn’t weigh the same so carrying them was hard. Lol It was hard, but so rewarding. As soon as Charlotte outgrew clothes, they went to Lydia. We color coded things so everything Charlotte’s was pink, Lydia’s was purple (and it’s their fav colors now 5 years later). I had 4 kids 4 years old and younger. Life revolved around breastfeeding, pumping, diaper changes (I had 4 kids in diapers), and naps. I didn’t get out much, and the whole time was a blur but it was also really nice-we all ditched naps around the same age, got rid of all the sippies and bottles, and everyone potty trained. And life was easy going until we had Alice (who is a hard toddler. I can’t tell if she is hard or if I just don’t remember toddlers because my mind had conveniently blanked out when I had 4 of them). It’s still fun to look back on. ❤️ #barneybunch #barneykids #10monthsapart #siblingsmeeting #4under4 #crazyclosekids #memories

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#6. Kisses!

#5. We’ll get there.

#4. A quiet moment.

#3. Yep, you’re the big one now.

#2. I want to be inside his head.

#1. It’s really real.

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This older sister was so interested in the newborn exams. Future nurse perhaps? She’s definitely going to be such a huge help to her mama! And see big brother holding another baby in the back? So many loving hands for these two baby girls! • • • • • #jodicarolphotography #orlandobirthphotographer #orlandobirthphotography #wintergardenbirthphotographer #floridabirthphotographer #centralfloridabirthphotographer #birthphotographer #birthphotogs #birthstoryphotography #birthbecomesher #thebirthnarrative #birthphotogs #birthisbeautiful #bbh #positivebirth #bumpbirthandbeyond #thebirthroom #fresh48 #orlandofresh48 #winniepalmerhospital #orlandomoms #orlandomomsblog #thisisorlando #orlandofamily #siblingsmeeting #momsoforlando #storytellinghands #the_sugar_jar #nothingisordinary #hospitalbirth

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I’m convinced – now, off to show these to my husband!