17 Pics That Prove Pregnancy Is No Walk In The Park For Dad, Either

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Pregnancy is many things – wondrous, painful, elating, confusing, joyful, and full of hormones that make you feel like you might actually be going crazy. And that’s only from the woman’s side, since it’s the only one I’ve personally experienced.

During those 9 months, I have to admit I didn’t think too much about my husband’s experience (it was too much sometimes to contemplate and come to terms with the way my own body/life was changing, tbh), but now that I’m almost a year postpartum, I can definitely see how those months were trying (and exciting!) for him in different ways, too.

Here are 17 pics that might show us just a little bit of the guy’s point-of-view – well deserved!

17. I think she made her point

Photo Credit: Reddit,gtrpup2

16. There will be consequences to your peaceful slumber

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15. This applies to anyone eating ice cream, really

Photo Credit: Twitter,TheLensLife

14. Man obviously has a sense of self-preservation

Photo Credit: Twitter,corymoyta

13. At least she’s still got a sense of humor

12. It’s funny but you made the wise choice

Photo Credit: Reddit,ThePantser

11. It really is kind of a tease – plus, you know, they’re not for you anymore

Photo Credit: Twitter,FrothyDad

10. So sweet. Sigh.

9. The hashtag is true

Photo Credit: Twitter,WillKersey

8. Try to keep up

7. This is the kind of observation that can endanger your life, boys

Photo Credit: Twitter,sgtosiris22

6. Take notes, husbands!

Photo Credit: Twitter,__moniiloveee

5. Quality time can have a bit of a different look to it…

4. Do as she says and nobody gets hurt

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3. Your groceries probably won’t make it home intact

Photo Credit: Instagram,c_owen12

2. Someone is up sh*t creek

Photo Credit: Imgur,Diltron

1. You knew the answer already, right?

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