17 Tweets That Encompass the Daily Craziness That Is Life with Toddlers



They say that toddlers are basically tiny, drunk adults. Having lived with one for a bit over a year now, I can say this is totally true – and that the 17 moments below are totally relatable.

#17. And you still have to tell them “good job” because it wasn’t in their diaper.

#16. OMG, the worst.

#15. There’s a wrong way to do everything.

#14. Truth.

#13. You will not survive.

#12. She loves what she loves.

#11. You don’t even need to ask.

#10. It’s over now.

#9. I can’t believe I’m not skinnier.

#8. You will never ask “what are you doing?” so many times again in your life.

#7. Never tune them out.

#6. It’s all about elevating the heart rate.

#5. Nothing more effective.

#4. It’s how the species survives.

#3. So seen.

#2. Immediately.

#1. Don’t placate me.

Gotta go – my toddler just flushed something down the toilet (probably)!