18 Family Traditions That Will Make You say WTF?!

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Think your family is weird? These AskReddit users dished on their weirdest family traditions and boy, it’s nice to know there are families out there who are crazier than mine!

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#1. Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

“The aunts fight. I mean like literally fight. They will get wasted and just get louder and louder and then one will shout something along the lines of, “You want to back that up?” and then they will go outside and fight. We all watch and cheer for our favorite aunt to win and sometimes we will even video tape the fight so that we can watch it later and laugh about it. It is pretty normal.”

#2. Turtle Power

“Every year on Christmas before we could open anything my dad used to make us do the Ninja Turtles Dance. He would take lead and my sister and I would have to do it behind him while my mom recorded it. Thinking back I find it hilarious.”

#3. Sacred Cow

“My mother has always put a cow puppet on top of the Christmas tree instead of an angel.”

#4. The Last Fry

“It’s more between my brother and I than our whole family. Whenever we’d eat at a fast food place we would play “The last fry”, and it was just that, the one that ate the last fry won. Sometimes we’d hide it for hours then eat it and say “MMMM IT TASTE SOOOO GOOD WHEN ITS THE LAAAAAST FRY!!!” One time I put my fry in my backpack and found it a couple weeks later, totally won that time.”

#5. Pour One Out For The Hommies

“In my family, we go to the graveyard on Christmas Eve and pour the dead relatives favorite drinks on their gravestones. I am from Denmark.”

#6. Brain Freeze

“When I was a kid, the aunts and uncles would get all the kids a gallon of their favorite ice cream on the 4th of July. They would sit us down at a table and give us all our ice cream at the same time. Here’s the fun part. The first kid to tackle the entire gallon of ice cream got $5. This always lead to all of us kids eating ice cream very quickly, and thus getting brain freeze (ice cream headache). Within minutes there are a half dozen children roaming the backyard clutching at their sinuses in pain while adults laugh at them. I’m so glad I finally caught on.”

#7. Slap Dat Turkey

“Whenever we make a turkey or goose for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have to slap it. I don’t know why. The slapping takes place when the turkey is in the roasting pan, you just slap it with moderate force, about the force you would use to slap a fly or mosquito on your leg. Whenever I asked my Grandmom, she would sing “it’s tradition!” and never answer the question beyond that.”

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#8. The Potato

“Whenever anyone of us has to take an exam, they take a single uncooked potato with them. This has been tradition ever since my Grampa found one in his pocket after acing his driving test. We’re not a particularly superstitious family otherwise, but The Potato has proven itself indispensable.”

#9. Oh, He Died

“My sister accidentally started a tradition when she was a kid. She wandered into my parent’s room one evening after watching TV and asked them, “Who is John Belushi?” I think she was 8 or 9 at the time. My parents, who were big fans, told her who he was and then asked her why she wanted to know. Her response was “oh, he died” and she wandered out of their room. She did the same thing about a week later with another celebrity and my parents, having forgotten about how she asked about John Belushi reponded the same way, explaining who the celebrity was and then asking why and got the same response from my sister “oh, he died”. Now whenever there is a celebrity death, everyone in my family and several family friends rush to call/text someone else in the family so they can be the first person to report it and the call/text always starts with “Who is ___?!” and usually the other person responds with “oh no, how did they die?!” The person who manages to tell someone else first usually is referred to as “winning” that round. We’re a little morbid.”