18 Tweets That Remind You Why 5-Year-Olds Are The Best…And The Worst

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Do you remember being 5-years-old? I don’t if we’re being honest, but these 18 kids make the whole experience seem like one that would be worth living over again. As annoying as the endless questions, smartass remarks, and clueless hilarity can sometimes be when we’re tired, stressed, or just plain parented out for the day, the truth is that 5 is a wonderful age and, like all of the others, is not to be missed.

18. Sounds about right

Photo Credit: Twitter,MamaFizzles

17. Well, she doesn’t sound like very much fun

16. I mean, wouldn’t you prefer honesty?

Photo Credit: Twitter,LurkAtHomeMom

15. Dun dun DUN…

14. I love this kid

13. We lose the ability somewhere around college graduation

Photo Credit: Twitter,PetrickSara

12. Solidarity, kid

11. Someone knows exactly how to work dad…

10. Those are the mornings you want to go back to bed

Photo Credit: Twitter,DesignerDaddy

9. That way, you’re sure never to miss one

Photo Credit: Twitter,PetrickSara

8. He gets that dramatic streak from someone. Just sayin’.

Photo Credit: Twitter,MamaFizzles

7. If not, you’re obviously sending her to the wrong school

6. Break out the wine out, girl

5. Don’t harsh his mellow, man

4. Awwwww. Also, delicious?

3. You didn’t even have to pull out the tough interrogation techniques

Photo Credit: Twitter,simoncholland

2. Observant little bugger

1. See? You’re encouraging creativity already!

Photo Credit: Twitter,PetrickSara

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