19 Times Kids Had More Fun with Random Objects Than Their Toys



#10. Natural Selection

“Insects. I used to build Lego mazes for woodlice, paint them in racing colors, then release them to see who won. Often, losers would be fed to spiders. I promise I’m not a serial killer…”

#11. Imagination Station

“My mom had a colander/steamer basket that I’d play with all the time. Sometimes it was a robot, sometimes it was an alien spaceship.”

#12. Who Said Your Toys Had To Be Meant For Humans?

“Well, technically they were toys, just not for…humans. Cat toys. I collected cat toys. I especially liked the ones where you’d pull the tail, and they’d scoot/vibrate across the floor. Not in a weird way, though. I thought they were cute lol.”

#13. Ah, The Simple Life

“I could amuse myself for hours poking a dead mole with a bamboo cane. Simpler times.”

#14. Live Your Life

“That clear adhesive putty you find on the back of gift cards that are attached to a cardboard backing.”

#15. Gas Station

“My great grandma used to live in this old farmhouse and there was a water pump near her porch. She used to babysit my cousins, brothers, and me and we would play “Gas Station”. We did this ALL the time and for whatever reason it was one of the things I would look forward to. I was talking to my grandpa about that water pump a few years ago after she passed away and he asked me if I wanted to see it again. I looked at him weirdly and then he said he stole it and it was out in his garage!”

#16. Young Professional

“I would take the covers out of DVD cases and use a sharpie to make them look as similar to a laptop as possible. I would bring it everywhere with me and act as though I was actually doing something important. I was 8 when I first started doing that.”

#17. Organizing Can Be Fun!

“My great grandmother had a spring-loaded contact list. You would move a little marker to a letter of the alphabet, press a big button, and the device would open to the correct page of contacts. I used to play with that thing for a surprisingly long time each visit. First, I loved to try to figure out how it worked. Second, the spring was powerful enough that it would throw itself around if you triggered it right.”

#18. Booger Breath

“When I was younger, around 10 or so. My niece was born and she would get dropped off at my house so my mom would baby sit. Near the bag of toys was a bag that carried the diapers and stuff. Inside, I found a suction kind of ‘toy’. Me being the kid that would mess around with things that were not mine, I began playing with it, using it as a water squirter. I eventually began using it to suck up water and then squirt it in my mouth. One day, my twin brother sees me squirting water into my mouth using that suction ‘toy’ and tells me, “You DO know thats for the baby’s boogers right?””

#19. Who Didn’t?!

“Bubble wrap. Specifically, popping the individual bubbles.”