Here Are 20 of the Funniest Parenting Tweets of 2017

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The year isn’t over yet, so I guess you’ve got another month to come up with something amazing! In the meantime, take a scroll through this list so you know what you need to live up to…

20. Sometimes it’s best to just listen to the kid

19. It’s a super fun club

18. It never ends

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17. That is how irony works

Photo Credit: Twitter,Six_Pack_Mom

16. *snort*

Photo Credit: Twitter,iwearaonesie

15. File under: How you know you married the right person

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14. I mean, how else is she supposed to build one?

Photo Credit: Twitter,KateWhineHall

13. This is how the world dies

Photo Credit: Twitter,tomgara

12. Pretty sure HE just took a break

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11. It also comes with these complimentary piles of laundry

10. A sad state of affairs

9. Well, if that’s not a swift kick to the groin…

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8. Like that?

Photo Credit: Twitter,iwearaonesie

7. The limit does not exist

6. Kids know how to live

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5. Poor kid

4. Please forward when you find it

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3. My mature response would probably have been “YOUR legs are so hairy.”

2. They’ll never know the difference

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1. Sure, Bud

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h/t: Bored Panda