21 Tweets Only People Who Shop At Target Can Truly Understand

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There’s shopping at other stores and then there’s shopping at Target. Anyone who thinks these two experiences are the same obviously doesn’t understand the actual spiritual experience that is spending an hour (or…six) inside a Target. But if you do get it – like seriously get it – then these 21 tweets are about to speak to your heart.

1. Honestly, There’s No Place You’d Rather Spend Your Hard-Earned Cash

2. There are A LOT of Emotions Involved

3. But Target is the Answer to Almost All Your Problems/Emotional Needs

4. Every Time You Go, It’s Like a Whole New Adventure

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5. That’s Right, You’re Adventurous as Hell!

6. You Understand Other Target-Lovers Like They’re Your Family

7. But You Have No Time for People Who DON’T Like Target

8. Being Obsessed with Target isn’t as Easy as You Make it Look

9. Checking Out Will be a Fun Surprise Every Time

10. And You’ll Endure the Wrath of the Cashiers with Every Passing Visit

11. Including Their Subtle Judgements

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12. But Your Love for Target Can’t Be Tamed

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13. Target is a Crucial Part of Your Self-Care Routine

14. Even if Your Visits Just End Up Being This…

15. Or if You Get a Little Emotional Surrounded by All the Goodness of Target

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16. There are Times Where You Swear You’re Quitting Cold Turkey

17. But Who Are You Kidding?

18. Because You Know Target is Bigger Than You or Me

19. It’s About Going in for One Mundane Thing and Coming Out with GOLD

20. Because Even When Target Makes Thing Tough

21. This is Still Your Goal: