These 5 Comics Perfectly Depict How Moms And Dads Are Viewed Differently In Public


There’s a running joke (that really isn’t all that funny) about how dads can get away with things that moms are judged for. And also how dads are “babysitting” when they stay home with their own kids…but I digress…

Those sorts of (maddening) situations are exactly what artist Chaunie Brusie highlights with this series of comics, originally published on the parenting blog Babble.

Laugh so you don’t scream, ladies.

5. How dare a mom check her phone?!

4. You’re probably killing your kid 5 times a day…if you’re a mom

3. We can talk about other things

2. I. Hate. That. Comment.

1. Girlfriend needs some better friends

h/t: Bored Panda