5 Signs You’re A Basic Target Mom And You Don’t Even Care


In a world where “basic” has become an insult and shopping at big box stores is something to turn your nose up at, there are those of us fighting the good fight in the name of the nirvana that is Target. I mean, I don’t know how you could hate the neatly organized layouts, the cute, cheap clothes, and the way that even the rows full of towels and washcloths are displayed in a way that makes you believe in your heart of hearts that you need new ones.

Guys, my definition of winning a day is getting in and out of Target for less than $100. So…I guess I’m basic?

But here’s the thing: when it comes to Target, I don’t even care. If you don’t care either, let’s be awesome, basic Target moms together.

5. Targets without a Starbucks are dead to you

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Coffee and shopping are the perfect combination, so why would you even waste your time visiting a Target that’s not a “good” one? You know there’s one with a Starbucks a couple miles away – keep driving.

4. You know you might as well not make a list, but you do it anyway

You might put two things on it, but you’re walking out with All The Things. Don’t try to pretend you didn’t know; your husband isn’t buying it and neither am I.

3. You know where everything is (and if they remodel, you assume the fetal position in the corner)

Photo Credit: Facebook,Primal Mom

You know the aisles like the back of your hand, and strategically plan your trek through the store to hit the wine and avoid the toys you’re not buying for your kid. So when Target gets a wild hair and decides to re-arrange things, well…it’s not a good day. It’s like going home and finding out your parents turned your room into a gym when you left for college.

2. You make sure Target is on your to-do list at least once a week

Photo Credit: Facebook,Target

I mean, people go to church once a week, so why would you go more than 7 days without visiting your happy place? Answer: you wouldn’t.

1. Your friends call it a trip to Target, you call it a vacation

This goes double for the times you can manage to get out of the house alone. It’s just you, aisles of pretty washcloths, and a Starbucks. If that’s not a mini-vacation, I don’t know what is.

h/t: Romper