5 Weird Street Signs That Are Meant To “Help” Travelers, But…



These signs mostly weird travelers out, confuse them, or straight up terrify them instead. Seriously, whoever wrote these needs to take a hard look at their lives and their choices. Or at least their ability to successfully communicate with other human beings.

You’ll see.

5. “Touching Wires Causes Instant Death” in Newcastle, Australia

Photo Credit: YouTube

And also a $200 fine, which I suppose must be imposed on your next of kin?

4. “Secret Nuclear Bunker” in Essex, England

Photo Credit: Flickr,Matt Buck

Trust the Brits to hand deliver nukes to anyone who happens to be a bit lost while invading the island. So polite.

In this case, it’s an ex-secret bunker that’s now a museum, though.

3. “Brakeless Trucks Use Freeway” in Northern California

Photo Credit: Flickr,Raymond Yu

The sign is supposed to be useful, not terrifying – it’s pointing trucks who find themselves with faulty brakes in a direction that will help them slow down and eventually stop.

2. “Warning: Please Look Under Your Vehicle For Penguins” in Cape Town, South Africa

Photo Credit: Flickr,Robert-Mouse

The penguins in Table Mountain National Park are small, and can easily tuck away under cars. Visitors are asked to help keep them safe.

I know, I know, now you want to visit! So do I.

1. “Beware of Invisible Cows” in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA

It’s a bit misleading. The sign isn’t referring to actual invisible cows, but to dark-colored cows that are difficult (or impossible) to see at night.

h/t: Fodors