When Asked If There’s Any Spark Left After Being Married 65 Years, This Sweet Old Man Had the Funniest Answer


When this wedding videographer decides to asks this sweet old couple for some advice, I’m sure he was expecting some classic lines: be honest, have open communication, have fun. All those cute bits of marriage advice you get from adorable looking elderly couples. But I bet this videographer wasn’t quite expecting this response. When asked if there is any spark in their marriage after 65 years, the husband has the funniest, most unexpected response ever! Watch the video below and see what he has to say.

We’re not even talking about the best part. The kiss at the end. Oh my God.

First off, it’s adorable that the wife repeats everything the videographer is saying in her husband’s ear. I’m assuming she’s doing that because he’s hard of hearing. But then he doesn’t understand that they want them to kiss at the very end! They awkwardly get through it and finally end in an adorable kiss.

Now that is honest true love.