7 Times Kate Middleton’s “Mom Look” Was on Point

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Kate Middleton is famous for looking cool, calm, and put together, but let’s face it – she’s also a mom. And sometimes, moms need to put on their serious faces/voices in order to get their kids’ attention and get the results they need in public.

These 7 pictures (and the vein in Kate’s neck) prove she’s no different than the rest of us. At least, in some ways.

#7. I have no idea what Charlotte did to earn that face, but it was definitely something

#6. Someone wasn’t paying attention

Photo Credit: Getty Images

#5. Keep up, please

#4. That’s not princely behavior, young man

#3. No, you may not walk on your own right now

#2. You think those shoes hurt, young lady, you should try mine

#1. Even princes have to be nice to their sisters

h/t: Buzzfeed