Bride Wore Her Toddler Down The Aisle — Here Are The Beautiful Photos

©Instagram,Fire and Gold Photography


Brides are different now than they used to be; some are still the shy virgin walking down the aisle for the first and only time, but more and more are looking different. We’re getting married for the second or third times, we’re marrying the father of children we already have, we’re marrying someone who will be a father to our kids, we’re marrying someone of the same sex, a different religion, or from a culture not our own.

In short, every bride, and every marriage, are different. And this woman’s choice to celebrate the fact that she’s a mother first by wearing her gorgeous little girl down the aisle on her back is taking people’s breath away. Make sure to follow fireandgoldphoto on Instagram!

The bride is Dalton Mort, and she wanted her two-year-old daughter Ellie to be part of her special day. She also didn’t like the idea of handing her off to a relative instead of keeping her close. The wrap she chose allowed her to do just that.

The images were taken by Laura Schaefer of Fire and Gold Photography and she told she was impressed and excited about the way Dalton chose to incorporate her daughter.

“She mentioned that the wedding mass would be during Ellie’s nap time so this was the perfect situation. It allowed Dalton to really enjoy her wedding and not be distracted by having to calm/entertain Ellie…She was really able to enjoy the moment.”

The photographs have been shared over 4,000 times on Facebook because they seem to strike to the core of people’s hearts and everything they hold dear – a mother and daughter sharing an incredible experience together.

“Yes, it’s something unique to see in a wedding but more so, it’s beautiful to see a mother doing something so natural between her and her child on her wedding day; be it babywearing or nursing.”

According to clinical social worker Daniel L. Buccino, any way you choose to incorporate your kids into your big day is fine, as long as your relationship is strong.

“The most important relationships in any family is the marital one, and the best thing parents can do for their children is to love one another. By making the effort to value each other, parents teach their children important lessons about intimacy, conflict, and balancing work and home.”

I’d say Dalton Mort, her new husband, and her daughter Ellie are starting off on the right foot.