A Husband Bought His Wife the Wrong “Highlighter” and the Internet Is Dying

©Facebook,Charlema Webb


I love reading stories about happy couples on the Internet, and Charlema and Vince are no exception. The two were married in April of this year, and due to the fact that they had a rough first month as a married couple, decided to celebrate the milestone.

When Vince asked what Charlema would like for a gift, she asked for something small – and she thought – simple. Here’s what she told Buzzfeed:

“I love Rihanna’s Fenty line so I asked for a highlighter and a brush. I really wanted it to be Fenty but because I didn’t want to complicate things, I said I was open to any kind of highlighter that popped.”

Then, she got her gift:

Luckily, she totally has a sense of humor and gave him credit for trying. And bonus, once Fenty heard the story, they decided to send her what she actually wanted!

Photo Credit: Twitter,fentybeauty

A happy ending after all!

h/t: Buzzfeed