Adele Had a ‘Titanic’ Themed Birthday Party and Every ’90s Kid Is Jealous



Sure, it’s a little less than politically correct, but what ’90s kid (girl?) wasn’t obsessed with Jack Dawson (aka Leonardo DiCaprio) and his ill-fated romance with Rose in Titanic.

None of them, that’s who. And Adele took it to the next level when she decided to make the hit movie the theme for her 30th birthday party.

Photo Credit: Instagram,adele

Adele herself dressed as Rose in a perfectly replicated gown and a curled updo that was seriously on point.

I have no idea where or how she found that replica staircase for photographs, but I am both impressed and green with jealousy.

Photo Credit: Instagram,adele

She shared all of her photos in black-and-white, and handed out life jackets as party favors (that the guests danced in, because why not?). Her guests went all out for the party as well, with some even showing up with fake “ice” in their hair.

Photo Credit: Instagram,zanelowe

Some people managed to muster offense, but most people realize that the party was themed after the movie, and not meant to make light of the actual tragedy.

Photo Credit: Twitter,adelembetea

I can’t wait to see what theme she picks next time!

h/t: ScaryMommy