Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Is Just What Your Holiday Needs



Forget cute Christmas ornaments or candy, wine is what you need every day in December to make it through the rush of the holiday season!

To that end, Aldi has exactly what you need – 24 mini bottles of wine for each day of the month until Santa arrives and you can drop and eat leftovers while your kids destroy their new toys.

Starting November 7, Aldi had their wine advent calendars for sale in grocery stores nationwide, and even though they’re not cheap ($70), I personally think you deserve it, people. They offer an array of different wines for you to try (kind of like your own little tasting) that includes red, white, rose, and sparkling.

Photo Credit: Aldi

The reds include a Shiraz, Malbec, Cab, Pinot, and Merlot. The whites are a Pinot Grigio, a few different Chardonnays, and a Sauvignon Blanc. A few pinks, just for fun, round things out.

Aldi’s official statement:

“Back by popular demand, our amazing 2018 Aldi Wine Advent Calendar features a fabulous new design to create the perfect centerpiece – after all, what could be better for getting in the Christmas spirit than an adult advent calendar full of wonderful wine?”

Nothing, that’s what.

Photo Credit: Aldi

But in case the daily wine only leaves you wanting more, they’re also selling cheese advent calendars to go along with them. Both calendars have been available abroad in the past, but Aldi is clearly realizing that Americans are in serious need of both products in 2018.

And hey, if wine isn’t your thing, guess what? You can grab this calendar, featuring 12 days of delicious gin instead.

Photo Credit: Aldi

Three cheers for Aldi! You know just how to make the holidays happy.