Amy Schumer’s Instagram Message to the Mommy Shamers Is Totally on Point



Amy Schumer is hilarious – she was hilarious when she was single and has proven to be just as funny as a married woman, a pregnant woman, and now as a mom. She’s handled a rough transition (barfing every day is no joke!) with more grace than I would have been able to manage, but as every lady (and especially every famous lady) knows, you can’t become a mom without facing down the judgmental shame of other moms.

It’s a rite of passage that no one wants to get a badge for, but for some reason, it can’t be escaped.

And for Amy Schumer, she didn’t even have to wait a month postpartum.

They came for her in the subtle, trying-to-be-funny way they so often choose after she posted a picture of herself doing a standup show about 2 weeks after giving birth to baby Gene.

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This shit is 🍌

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She posted a picture of her first set back and got some comments that weren’t exactly supportive of her choice to go back to work so soon (in their opinion).

“Jesus, Amy. Let the stitches dissolve first. I’m still on the couch and my youngest is three.”

“Already???? That’s insane!!! And inhumane. Contract or not you need to be allowed at least 6 weeks for maternity.”

First of all (and most important), it’s none of your damn business. Some women want to stay home as long as possible after having a baby. Other women miss the independence and the work that they do and can’t wait to get back to it after giving birth. To each her own.

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Milf alert 1 o’clock

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Second of all, nowhere did Amy say that she was forced to go back to work or that she had a contracted obligation. So. Mind your own business.


Of course, since it’s Amy Schumer we’re talking about here, she took it in stride and handled it with humor, posting this response and picture soon afterward:

Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night! #tinystairs #schumerpumprules

Oh, and a bonus thought” It’s nice to say that everyone should get 6 weeks of maternity leave, but until the United States implements a mandatory paid maternity leave, your privilege is showing, Karen.

Mind it.