Avocado Proposals Are A Thing Now

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These days, doing anything according to tradition simply will not do. This is especially true for marriage proposals. No longer is it acceptable to take your partner to some romantic location, get down on one knee, and offering a ring. Now you’ve got to do something new, something unusual, and most of all, something Instagrammable.

That’s why people have begun swapping out their ring boxes for avocados. Introducing: the Avocado Proposal.

No longer will you have to argue with your friends about whether avocados are a fruit or a vegetable. (They’re a fruit; also, get more exciting friends.) Now, you can argue about the perfect ripeness for an avocado ring box.

The above Instagram post comes from Colette Dike, a Dutch food stylist and food photographer, but she’s far from the first person to suggest an Avocado Proposal. Before Dike, an Instagram account that posts yoga memes, called “mindful__af,” (Oh dear), encouraged people to propose with an avocado.

But what about real people? Has anyone actually proposed with an avocado? Why, yes! Way back in October 2016, a woman shared her fiance’s Avocado Proposal from their trip to Indonesia, and also showed us that an avocado need not be fresh to be used in a proposal.

We don’t know the story behind the original Avocado Proposal. Maybe these two are one of those quirky couples who like to do things unconventionally. Or maybe the gentleman lost the real ring box and was forced to use the nearest replacement, which Kim Tyler mistook as a romantic gesture. Maybe this whole thing is based on a misunderstanding.

Whatever the case may be, it seems Avocado Proposals are here to say. I just hope all these perfectly good avocados aren’t going to waste. So please, if you plan to do an Avocado Proposal, why not celebrate afterwards with some delicious Engagement Guacamole?

h/t: Today