Baby Hippo Upstages Couple’s Engagement Shoot


Getting married is one of life’s big milestones, so couples understandably put a LOT of thought into how they want each aspect of their wedding to go. From the engagement to the wedding itself, everything can reflect the couple’s personalities. But sometimes, little accidents happen, and while they might interfere with the perfect plan, they can make the end result so much better. Which is what happened to one Cincinnati couple who got engaged at the zoo.

Nick Kelbe had recently decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Hayley Roll, and he had his plan all mapped out. The couple are huge fans of a local baby hippo named Fiona but hadn’t seen her in person yet, so he invited her to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to see Fiona and make his surprise proposal.

At the zoo, as they were on line waiting for their turn to see the hippo, Nick wait ’til Hayley’s back was turned and then got down on one knee. Once Hayley turned around, Nick proposed, and the two were soon swept up in the moment. Like any public proposal, this one attracted plenty of attention, but nobody was more interested than Fiona herself, who swam up to the couple for a photobomb.

Hayley said yes, and Fiona stayed in the window while the newly engaged couple posed for more photos.

Photo Credit: Hayley Roll


Photo Credit: Hayley Roll

As far as engagement photos go, it’s hard to top having an actual hippo in yours. Well done.

In case you’re not up to date on the lives of Ohio zoo animals, this isn’t the first time Fiona has been in the news. Back in January of this year, she was born prematurely. Per the zoo, most hippos are born between 50 and 100 pounds, but Fiona was born weighing only 29.

Since her birth, the zoo has been providing videos of Fiona enjoying various hippo activities, and Fiona has become a viral news star.

We wish both the couple and Fiona all the best!

h/t: Unilad