Baby-Proof Your Christmas With These 5 Easy Tips

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If you’ve got a baby who is everywhere and into everything (or about to be), then you’ve likely baby-proofed your house to within an inch of its life. That said, the holidays – in addition to their fun, adventure, and a ton of new experiences – present some brand new perils for baby.

Take a look at this quick list so you can double-check that your little one will be safe and happy through the season!

Live Greenery

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We all love to deck the halls with pretty green plants and red berries, but be careful – many of them are toxic if consumed (and those little ones just love to taste everything!). Yew, mistletoe, holly, amaryllis, Jerusalem cherry, and ornamental pepper plants are all holiday favorites that can be fatal if consumed.

Christmas Trees

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While common Christmas trees aren’t toxic, they do pose inherent dangers in the home. Their needles are sharp and can be particularly dangerous if swallowed. Ornaments and lights can be delicate and easily broken, leaving glass within reach. Babies who are beginning to stand could potentially pull on the lower branches and topple the entire thing over them.

These issues are easily solved by keeping the tree out of reach using tables or gates, putting breakable ornaments up high, or using wire (or fishing line) to secure the tree to the wall or ceiling. Otherwise, be prepared to be uber vigilant for a few weeks!

Parties and Visits

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Make sure baby is bundled up for outdoor walks or visits to friend’s houses. If attending a party at your house or others, ensure alcohol is out of reach and that no one will be smoking indoors.


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Make sure and dispose of all plastic and paper wrappings that could pose suffocation risks, and read the suggested age and use guidelines on the toys that are going to be played with by little hands!


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Anything electrical can pose a shock hazard, so make sure to check for empty sockets, frayed wires, or poor connections. Other decorations can be choking risks or potentially fall on baby if yanked, so make sure they’re safely out of reach. The same goes for lit candles, as well!

Have a safe and happy holiday!

h/t: The Baby Corner